RPN/LPN working in all male correctional facilities


Are there any RPNs or LPNs on here that work at all male correctional facilities? I'm interested in working at one once I am done school and get my nursing. What is it like? Do the inmates feel protective towards the nurses there? Thank you in advance, any advice or stories would be appreciated!!


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I am female and I used to work in a male correctional facility. I felt fairly safe most of the time because there were armed guards everywhere, and I usually worked in a locked building.However, at times I would have to walk the grounds, to go to another building to deliver nursing care. At those times I did not feel safe. All convicts are not violent, most of them were there for drug offenses, or various felonies. Just because a person sells drugs doesn't mean he is a rapist. However, there were plenty of murderers and rapists too. so, you have to constantly be on guard, but being female, you're always on guard. You could be shopping at Walmart and someone could grab you, hijack your vehicle, steal your purse. Statistically speaking I think nurses are probably safer in a correctional facility than they would be just doing everyday activities.