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For RPN in Toronto, is there any way to get hired without professional references, how do you find another job if you don't want anyone to know. If you have to ask them for refernces, they might leak it to the supervisors that you are looking for another job..

All the interviews require professional references, or else they don't consider you.. If there is no way what other place in North America can I try?

Also, where is the best place to find job in Toronto for RPN, besides the web sites?



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try SRT MedStaff on Bay St just south of Bloor, last time I checked, they listen and are very pleasant - known for the BEST nurses in Toronto. It's an agency, surely your employer would give you a reference for some agency work.


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Hey there, some places don't actually ask for nursing/clinical references. Some of them are pleased with references from past jobs if you let them know that your present company doesn't know that you are leaving. I had an interview with a LTC facility that just needed 2 refernces the only thing is that they needed to be supervisors or managers.

I am in the Toronto area too. If you are interested in working in long term care try Leisureworld, RegencyCare, or other LTC companies in the area. you can check thier job postings from their websites.

I hope this helps.


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