rpn to b.sc nursing prog. at mohawk college (ontario)


Hi Friends,

Is anybody here from Mohawk college, I just accepted my ''offer of acceptance'' from Mohawk college for RPN TO B.SC. nursing programe, no doubt I am excited but scared too. Lots of things in my mind: about the prog. load, will I be able to continue my job, how tough gonna be the ''Assessments for Success'' exam, do i really need to study hard- what and what should'nt i do etc. etc. etc.:uhoh3:


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Congrats on getting in

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Hello, I am in the same boat as you, was accepted to mohawk for september and just booked this assessment for success in communications, I am also wondering what the studying for that should be like.

i am also wondering what this test is like, is it timed? is it really 3 hours long?

When are you booked?