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Roxborough School of Nursing

by DesieRN2BE DesieRN2BE (New) New

Hello. Did anyone get accepted for Roxborough School of Nursing for 2016 yet?? Also is it hard to get accepted into the program???

I just found out I was accepted!!! Not sure how hard it is to get in the program though! I sent in all my application materials at the end of January and got a decision the beginning of February!!

Hi Betty,

Thanks for following up with me!! Congrats on your acceptance into Roxborough. Unfortunately I wasn't accepted due to a lower teas test score than they require!! Wish you all the best. Im changing my route around a little bit!! BEST OF WISHES!! :)

Thank you. Good luck with everything!! Im sure it will all work out :)

Hey BettytheNurse, I also got accepted into Roxborough School of Nursing for fall 2016. See you soon.

Yayyyyy!!!! Can't wait to get started!!! See you soon. We must enjoy our

lives now before it gets hectic lol

Who's ready for orientation???? Gina, are you still attending Roxborough or have you decided to go with Aria??

Hey BettytheNurse2b I did attend Orientation and i was nervous as hell. Seeing new faces and just learning about the program is making me anxious. Right now i am trying to get all my books and supplies so that i can be ready for the semester. How are things with you??

Hey everyone! I got accepted as well and I'm getting the books together. All those readings! I'm getting nervous!

i just got all my books and i was so stressed because of the access code issue but i ended up just buying the book with the Access code Lavenders because it is a resource that i can use. Any other preparations that you have left to make?

Im pretty much done everything. Waiting on uniforms! Did you also get the books on the highly recommended list? I haven't gotten those yet!! Also, did you get your stethoscope yet? Im not sure what kind I should get.

I got all the books expect for the one that we have to preorder. I got my uniforms as well but i dont know why i though that we wore the uniforms everyday for school. Smh. I got a Littman Classic stethoscope ii. Just get a Littman brand because they are all good. I havent got my sneakers yet and i bought all my school supplies last week. I cant wait.

Thanks for the stethoscope info, I'll order mine this week. Can you believe we have less than a month to go??!! Im so excited but very nervous at the same time!! Our lived are about to get CRAZY lol

Crazy in deed. I am so nervous and just trying to get everything in order before we start we so stressful for me. Are you going to be working during the program??

No, I may try to work weekends but I want to see how classes go first before I commit to working. What about you?

I am trying to work every weekend and fridays so i can stay parttime. I wish i didnt have to work but that wont be an option for me right now. I will work like 11 to 7 and 3 to 11. Hopefully i will be able to manage and be productive in school.

Do you take the teas after being contacted by the school or do you take the test when you put in your application. Just curious cause I applied a month ago and still haven't gotten a response.