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Routine visits

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The regulations address the comprehensive assessment and initial visit. Does anyone know if there are specific requirements (as to areas to be assessed) for the routine visit or is the assessment based on the patient's condition, diagnosis, etc and according to your agency's policies and procedures. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

mom of one

I don't know of a specific answer, but our bosses emphasized that we had to address everything on the plan of care and pain on each visit. They said that when the charting was checked by the auditors, they looked to see that the plan of care was followed and that pain was assessed and dealt with. It seems reasonable to me that the plan of care must be followed, pain must be addressed, and charting must be complete. I would also think that readiness for discharge would also be an area of concern.

hey! to all HH nurses. Im intersted in starting hh and just want some input. I have been out in the field about a year. I began my career in the hospital for a short time but hated it. tried LTC you guessed! hated it. finally i decided to try an agency I started with a school assignment and loved it. I had a little guy with trache g tube total care. when school was out I did a hand full of cases. anyway, now I want to do visits but im a bit nervous because I dont consider myself fully experinced. I do feel my assess.skills are good i have alot of trache, g tube experience. I have done some dressing changes, IV's and caths. Are you given a good orientation? how many visits are you given a day? How is the pay? I recently had a nurse tell me about an agency in my area that she just started with and she has 7 visits a day and payed 29 per visit. wow! sounds great. so what do you think? thanks!:wink2:

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