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Rosalind Franklin University 2015

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Hey there everyone! I've perused this site so many times for questions for my pre-CRNA inquiries in the past year! I just got my email invitation today for Rosalind Franklin University's CRNA program that will begin in 2015! :-) And I've read most of the threads on here.

I was wondering if anyone had any (general) helpful tips for the interview? Anyone that has interviewed in the past specifically for RFU?

I'm pretty familiar with the tips of personal questions (i.e. finances, how to deal with stressors, support available, etc) but a bit more worried about the clinical questions.

My background is Surgical Trauma ICU in Chicago ... mainly neuro, vascular, ENT, cardiovascular/thoracic (we only do so many of these so not as much experience), abdominal, major ortho (trauma related) ...

Any help would be appreciated. I'm super excited for this interview (with a normal dose of anxiety) Thanks :-)

What day are you interviewing? I too received an invite to interview. I haven't found a lot of specifics related to how they interview, however would appreciate any advice others may have to offer.

It's great that you are at least from IL as I will be flying in from out of state.

Congrats! I'm on the first day. How about you? I hope you travel safely!

I will interview on sat, made most sense for traveling. Best of luck on the interview, I am nervous and excited. Have you applied to many other schools?

Anyone a current student at RFMSU? Can you shed a little light on what the interview process is like at Rosalind Franklin? I've heard some schools have personal interviews and some are very clinical based. Any advice on how to prepare?

Unfortunately this site will not allow me to personal message but please post if you will

I am also interviewing. I interview on Wednesday, very nervous. I have been researching questions and hope that I have a good handle on what they will ask. What will people be wearing to the interview. I am torn between a dress and suit jacket or a suit jacket and skirt.

It has been a few years now, but a friend of mine interviewed at Rosalind Franklin. He said that things started with a presentation/introduction to the program and a chance to meet the program director. Following that everyone took a critical care based test and then individual applicants were interviewed. Apparently everyone was VERY nice and that the program was VERY appealing, but he turned them down for a spot at his #1 choice school. It sounds like a great program, so best of luck to all interviewees! Did anyone interview yet and/or have a similar experience?


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 3 years experience.

Also interviewing on Saturday, getting pretty nervous! Good luck to everyone! :)

If you have interviewed already, any advice??


Sorry I didn't have more advice. How did your interview go today?

It went okay. They sound like they have a really good program.

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