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hi! im a new nurse. does anyone know how is it working in RCC in Edison? i need some background info about the facility. ive looked at their website and ive read things about them, and there was one saying that they're on the watchlist. what does that mean? kindly someone tell me how is it working there based on experience?

thanks! :wink2:


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Roosevelt Care Center currently doesn't have any full time openings. I went there in person in late July. I'm also a new nurse.


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Being on a watch list means that they had a bad inspection and if they don't pass the next one they could get shut down.

*Asked my mom who just retired last year from being the manager of human resources for the state vet home in menlo park/edison.


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thanks rhealou24! did you get a job yet? im loosing hope already, most of the facilities i/ve applied to were looking for previous experience. how can i get experience if nobody's willing to hire newly grads with just the clinical experiences. :cry:


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thanks JuneBugFL!!!


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with this economy, you cannot be picky specially if you are a new grad.

i heard good things about rcc. it's like a state job so the benefits are excellent! my rn friend applied there several months ago but they were on a hiring freeze so he didn't get the job.

i think they have an opening now for lpn. why don't you go and apply? be prepared though they have a medication exam like 50 questions before they give you application.

good luck!


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thanks agldragon!

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