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i received a email reply.the folllowing is it(by the seeking a non nursing the utica rome and herkimer area.ive applied to many facilities.but as of yet no luck.any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks


access to student/patient records is restricted according to provisions of section 33.13 of the new york mental hygiene law, regardless of the age of the record. any rome state school records mentioning students are restricted and any disclosure of even a student's admission or discharge data must be authorized by the nys office of mental retardation & developmental disabilities (omrdd).

we understand that microfilm of all rome state school records is held by the rome developmental disabilities services office (ddso). contact:

rome ddso

nys office of mental retardation & developmental disabilities

101 west liberty street

po box 550

rome, ny 13442

phone: (315) 336-2300



new york state archives

reference services

11a36 cultural education center

albany, ny 12230


[email protected]

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I figured there wouldn't be much information available due to HIPAA. It's frustrating to not be able to locate a family member or friend who is in the system.


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yep HIPAA laws are sometimes too protective

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