Role Reversal! Nurses get their respect!


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I have viewed many topics on this board concerning the treatment of nurses by doctors. But where I work it is completely the opposite! The nurses run roughshod over the doctors :chuckle . The nurses are very good and professional, but they dont take any crap from the docs! When there are questions about treatment/patient care, I have noticed a colaberative, and profeesional relationship between the nurses and the doctors when discussing care for patients. The nurses input actually weighs heavily on the patients treatment and care planning. The doctors dont dare raise their voice to the nurses, and I have on several occasions (yesterday) seen where a nurse has professionally told the doctor to button it up or else, and the doctor immediately calmed down. I watch in amazement as the nurses professionally, and at times forcefully command, and receive, the respect that they deserve. And most of the docstors here are men. Judging by what I have read on this board, is it fair to assume that this situation is rare? I knkow not all doctors are mean, vile human beings, but I hear some are pretty close.

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