Role of CNA in addictions nursing?

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Hi, I'm not a nurse but am not sure where else to ask this. I have applied for a part time shift at a rehab center. I thought I was applying to a rehabilitation center like a step up from acute care, physical therapy type place. After researching the companies website I've discovered they are a drug rehabilitaion and behavioral health center! What types of things would a CNA be doing at a drug rehabilitaion center? I just want to know what to expect when I do interview.


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The techs at the last detox unit I worked on were responsible for vitals, assisting patients with their care (fortunately those were few in number--most were walkie-talkies), taking them to the cafeteria for meals or bringing meals up to the unit, helping to manage the milieu, and running groups.

Thanks Meriwhen! I'm really nervous about my interview tomorrow! Will they expect me to know anything about drug withdrawals? Or will recognizing those signs be part of training if hired?

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I would guess that it would be part of your training...if not, it couldn't hurt for you to know the basic S&Sx of various withdrawals, so you know what's expected and what should be reported to your nurse for further assessment.

From my experience as a RRW and now additionally a CNA per my mentors ... most likely the best fit will be in detox where you will be doing vitals, meal planning, observing behavior as to withdrawing from drugs it is very important to recognize the signs and symptoms e.g. a pt withdrawing from alcoholism can be a death warrant or one coming down from a cocaine run ... There is alot going on with their bodies not to mention their mental state a good source is doing web searching signs & symptoms of certain drugs, google be specific there are great sites like webmd or better yet just ask your supervisor what are your duties and responsibilities within your scope of practice... Best Wishes

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