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I'm caught in the middle of a decision here and if anyone could give me some insight that'd be awesome. I got accepted to both roane state and TN Wesleyan for this fall '18. Ive heard amazing things about both programs. RS is an ASN degree (costs about 8K) while TN Wesleyan is a BSN degree (costs about 48K).

Can anyone vouch for either program? How prepared as a nurse did you feel coming out of school? Did you feel like classes were fair and structured well? I'm trying to get a sense for if the higher price tag for TN Wesleyan is worth it. I'd rather spend 2 years instead of 3 years to get a BSN but the cost difference is pretty drastic.

Hi there! I'm about to complete my first year at Roane State's nursing program so hopefully I can give you a little insight.

I was having a hard time trying to decide between RSCC, Pellissippi, and LMU. I really wanted my BSN but also money was an issue as was the readiness of the graduates on the floor, after graduating. I did not want to have my RN and feel totally loss once I got into the work place. Ultimately, I with with RSCC and would have been just as happy, I believe, at Pellissippi. I am glad, after hearing other stories from folks who transferred from LMU to RSCC, that I did not go to LMU.

The Good:

The instructors are great. The way they teach prepares you for the floor and the NCLEX. I feel, already, self assured in clinicals and confident that I'll pass the NCLEX. They do not shame you when you screw up, but use it as a learning experience. I've heard so many RNs say that they prefer RSCC nurses, that RSCC nurses hit the floor running.

The cost. Additional to tuition, remember there are books (and more books) uniforms, dress clothes for preplanning, gasoline, supplies etc.

The bad:

The Dean doesn't seem to care for the students or the staff at RSCC.

You may have to drive as far as Crossville for clinicals, Harriman/Oak Ridge/Knoxville for classes and labs.

They have lost some instructors due to illness or issues with the Dean so this year has been a bit rocky filling in the gaps.

I am going to RSCC and will graduate with my RN spring of 2019, I am starting,this summer ETSU's duel degree which is all online and I'll be earning my BSN the summer after graduating from RS, while paying Roane State's prices for ETSU credits.

I would go RSCC or Pellissippi all the way. If you want to go for BSN, you can get your job as an RN to pay or do it online and save loads of money.

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I went to RSCC and am about to finish TN Wesleyan's RN-BSN program. I loved RSCC! You can't beat the price and the education was spot on. I think our whole class passed the NCLEX the first try. TWU's online RN-BSN program is really affordable (~8k) and is super doable. I started right after I graduated and it takes 1 year if you do it full time (I also worked and have a family). TWUs instructors are great and they really understand a working RNs schedule. I couldn't stomach the price of TWUs regular BSN program so I did it this way and it came out to be a lot cheaper. My employer also offers tuition reimbursement!

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