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Can anyone help me? I have 26 years ER, and 4 years ICU-I'm also very active in EMS,both teaching and "running call". The ENA put out a position paper on "The RN in the Pre-Hospital Environment" in 1989, but I can't find any state guidelines, standards, organizations, or other information. I know I'm not the only one who "crosses over", and if there isn't a group or association, I'm wondering if anyone would be intersted in starting one.....then of course, how in the heck would I do that???? Thanks!!

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I'm a pre-hospital RN in IL and I know that the Illinois Department of Public Health has written guidelines for us. I'm also an ER RN in a large level I. The ambulance service in this area (small city) is looking at having paid PHRNs do calls. Right now I run with my local, volunteer rural EMS/fire squad and love it. I also love the teaching aspect and the guys are always willing to help me with fire skills. Good luck. Judi


You need to check with your state board of nursing on your scope of practice in the pre-hospital environment. I know that some states allow a prehospital RN to function under state paramedic guidelines because it is written in the state nursing practice act. Often the state board will issue an "Advisory Opinion" regarding pre-hospital nursing care by an RN as Arizona has. If the state nursing practice act or state board has not issued a position statement/ prehospital provider clause, then contact the appropriate members of the state board in your state about creating one... and ask to be part of its creation. Guidelines, nomatter what organization created them, are useless unless your state board adopts them... because as you know, your scope of practice depends upon which state you reside in. Well, good luck to you... I hope that I have been helpful. Let me know how it turns out.

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