RN's in the morgue or ME office?

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Hello all,

Are there any RN's that work in the morgue or Medical Examiner's office? If so what is there job description or role? Do they assist with autopsy(sp?)? How much do they get paid and what education do they require?

I am interested in working there but don't know where to begin!

Thanks in advance,


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Are you talking about Forensic Nursing?


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I don't know am I?


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Forensic nursing is a broad term for many different types of nursing. It can mean mental health nursing, correctional nursing, Sexual assault nurse examiner, and any nursing in a law enforcement environment or investigations. This includes working in a coroner's office.

I googled "RN coroner's office" and found many pertinent links.



I bet these jobs don't come up very often, and if they do, there's probably a lot of people applying for them!!!

I think that would be interesting if there is a job.

I know that there are attendants during the autopsies (y'all have seen them on autopsy/ME shows), but I don't know if they are nurses or not.

Good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for!

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