RN's: If you can't get a hospital job then where do you envision your future?

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Thanks for the advice Shelly. I have been thinking about teaching, but I have no idea what it would take to get into school. I will be looking into this!

Just to clarify, (You probably don't need it but...) teaching as in teaching new nurses, not public county grade school kids the three r's. Teach people all there is to know about a specific area of nursing. I have a girlfriend I've known since high school. She has worked on a cardiac intensive care floor for ever. And in the last few years, she has been the teacher who indoctrinates all the new nurses to the floor. As in, whenever you chose a specialty, once you're hired and on the floor, she teaches everyone all there is to do and How THEY do it on THEIR floor, policies, practices, and even ensures everyone has their extra mandated training such as EO and Sexual Harassment training. She did say she doesn't make as much as some of the floor nurses b/c they work multiple shifts at times w/ overtime and ever-changing schedules. She works regular hours and she is on staff w/ benefits, not like most other nurses on shift work. So there is always some degree of sacrifice.... money, time, regular hours, benefits..... think about the things that are most important to you.....i.e., no kids? weird hours and multiple shifts might bring in more moolah. Second career, not frisky, chompin' at the bit and 22 y.o.? more regular hours maybe, benefits? My husband is military so the benefits aren't as important to me as having the flexible schedule.... so I can be most available for my babies. I'm also interested in the nursing b/c it's a job helping others that translates to wherever the military may take us. Cheers!:typing

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