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RN's challenging LPN boards

Nursetobe25 Nursetobe25 (Member)

I was told that a person in an RN program who fails out after their second year can challenge the LPN boards to become an LPN. Is that true?

Depends on the state. Some states permit this; others require that people be graduates of an approved LPN program in order to be eligible for LPN licensure. Your best bet is to check with your state BON.

Wile E Coyote, ASN, RN

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As noted, it differs by state, but also by nursing program. That means that the program would have had to have met every single LPN requirement for licensure by the end of 2nd or 3rd semesters. An RN program would not necessarily 'check off all the lpn boxes" if prematurely halted at any one point. My particular school created an optional specific short course for RN students wishing to sit for LPN to work during their last half of RN school. This course was structured to check those unchecked boxes I mentioned (OB, Peds, IV cert and such) at an early point outside of later RN coursework that of course would have then covered.