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Specializes in OR.

Is anyone willing to tell me how much an RNFA makes? I know it varies from facility to facility and state to state. I live in Michigan for reference. If you Google it, you get 6 figures. Some people tell me only a few dollars more an hour than a circulator. Trying to decide if this is worth the time or if I should choose to pursue NP ( yes... I know they are very different, just trying to decide which advancement will be worth it). Currently a circulator. 

I am not an RNFA, but I looked into this before.  According to my research its is about $3. more per hour.  The benefits of being an NP are more diverse and there are more opportunities.  I like the OR but it limits opportunities,  specializing in a career still in the OR, leads you to always having on call hours, boxes you in to working at a hospital  or surgery center.  

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