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RNC-LRN exam help

by melonjoe melonjoe (New) New

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the group, so please excuse me if this has been covered before.

I work on a cross trained unit in which I work mother/baby, newborn nursery transitions and special care nursery/level II nicu.

The hospital I work at is pushing us to all get our RNC if we qualify. Technically I could sit for the maternal newborn nursing cert or the low risk neonatal one. I am most interested in NICU so I thought I would start to study for the RNC-LRN exam.

I am wondering if anyone in this group has taken the exam & could offer any study suggestions: guides, books, websites, etc. I would greatly appreciate any words of advice or information about the exam and how to best prepare.

Thanks so much!


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Did you ever take your RNC?

prmenrs, RN

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I don't think you would qualify to take the ICU test. I would encourage you to take the Low Risk Neonatal one. I think there is a a Maternal nursing one as well, not sure which you do more of--that would be the one to take.

A google search found this: https://www.pearlsreview.com/Maternal-Newborn-%28RNC-MNN%29--Low-Risk-Neonatal-Nursing-%28RNC-LRN%29 Might be what you need to study for it.

Good Luck!!!!


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I took the NICU solutions review course a couple of years ago when I was studying for my RNC-NIC and they had a version of the course that was catered for the LR exam. It was a great review and I imagine the other would be, as well.