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Two questions regarding rn-to-bsn programs out there (I am an ASN nurse seeking to get a BSN):

Does anyone know of a program that is only rn-to-bsn that focuses on postpartum/mother-baby content more heavily? That is mainly what I am interested in, but I don't want to get my masters, just would love to focus on in working towards my bsn. Thoughts?

Also- any rn-to-bsn programs accepting unofficial transcripts? I found out GW does, so there must be some others out there that do too.

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In the United States RN-BSN is a general nursing degree program and, at that point you are beyond the specific areas of nursing care per-se. They tend to focus on management/leadership issues, public health, caring for a culturally diverse population, holistic nursing, and finally research. You may be able to do a research project on an OB related issue though.

Some RN-BSN programs still offer a capstone, so you also may be able to do that in a mother-infant floor, or labor and delivery. It all depends my program had it when I went, but if you had been a nurse for 2 years they allowed you to do a portfolio in place of the capstone. I REALLY wanted to do the capstone to get into a pediatric unit or NICU, but I just didn't have the 4,000.00 to do it, as I was paying out of pocket. Some programs, the one I went to included, have replaced the capstone with some other class. Find one that still has it!

Good luck!


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