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I have been offered a job in a dermatology practice. I have been told that I would be injecting local anethesia to biopsy sites and assisting with the biopsies. I am a bit nervous about these procedures. I come from a completely different area of nursing. I am excited about learning something new but a bit nervous about the procedures at the same time. Is there anyone out there currently practicing this type of nursing that can share a bit about what they are doing and can set my mind at ease? Thank you.

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I worked as a medical assistant in a dermatology office. Way before becoming a nurse. I did not inject anesthesia, but I did assist with biopsies. Nothing to it. Especially for an RN.

I handed instruments to the doctor, took back used ones, cut the suture lines when she was finished suturing. Used a Q Tip with Monsel's solution to non-sutured biopsy sites or used a Q tip with Polysporin and put on a band-aid. Gave pt's info on post biopsy care.

Removed simple sutures at follow up appts. (Not complex sutures like for facial MOH's surgery though).

You will honestly have no problem doing this job. And I'm actually surprised they are using an RN for this position as it could easily be done (with exception of injecting the anesthetic) by an MA. I hope you don't get bored!

Best of luck :)

those are about the easiest procedure one could hope for, you spend one day training and I am confident you can do this. good luck

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