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Hi you all.

I have been DNR in 2 hospitals. I am a travel nurse. I need some advice.

I have been doing nursing for 11 years. For the first hospital, they said negative review. I let it go. 
the other hospital, a pt fell at the end of my shift. I did everything to prevent this fall. I had asked for a sitter from the charge RN. I was not given one.

I just need an advice.

I need advice on avoiding all these issues next time.

What was the basis for your negative review?  You need to respond and fight to any negative review. 

Did you chart your request for a sitter?  Then you are covered for due diligence.

Hi. I charted I called the doctor, he ordered meds. I told the charge RN, the pt required a sitter. Sat in the pts room all night. Happened during shift report.

I emailed to find out about negative review. No response.

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