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I am a current RN student, I have 3 semesters until I graduate with my associates. Then I will continue on then to get my BSN after I pass the NCLEX. I feel as if it is my calling to serve those who serve us and become a military nurse after I earn my BSN. I am looking into Army or Air Force Nurse Corps. Currently, I do not meet weight requirements but am working on becoming fit. I do have ADD and anxiety on my medical records. As of the last two months I am not taking anything for my ADD, but I do take Zoloft for my anxiety although I can function without medication. Would these conditions disqualify me from joining either the Air Force or Army Nurse Corps? What are some recommendations for getting fit? What should I start working on now to increase my chances of being accepted?

Thank you for your insight and recommendations!

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You will definitely need a waiver for any diagnosed psychiatric condition, especially given that you take meds.

Assuming that you can get a waiver, have you considered that it might not be in your best interest to deploy into an active warzone with an anxiety disorder? Have you considered that you could still serve veterans as a nurse in the VA or as a civilian GS employee without the risk your own well-being?

If you are truly serious about this, I would seriously recommend that you take up shooting at a local gun range to see how you do. Your comfort around firearms will certainly be a topic of interest in your chief nurse interview and on your paper application questions. Being able to definitively say that loud bangs don't bother you would strengthen your case.


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Hey there,

I'm in the similar boat as mdavidson14, I'm currently in a 4 year nursing program on the track to get my BSN. I'm curious in the Air Force Nursing program. I was wondering if anybody could give me some ideas what to expect?

- If I went into the Air Force at this moment, could I finish college or would they send me straight to basics?

- What type of yearly commitment would I have?

- I know they have special scholarships for nursing students, if accepted by one of the scholarships, what type of pay could I receive once I'm fully active since I wouldn't have experience?

(If anyone would just share their stories or give input , it would be greatly taken. Looking for some guidance so I don't sound stupid when trying to talk to a recruiter.)