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RN seeking CNS :)

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by hildaj247 hildaj247 (New) New Nurse Student

hildaj247 specializes in Emergency Medicine.

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Good afternoon fellow healthcare workers!! One busy week for many of us I'm sure. 

I need a small favor from a willing CNS

I recently started NP school (I mean recently....as in 3 days ago!) at Georgia State University. My first assignment is to interview a CNS and then write a 4 page paper about it. This would be a phone interview ranging from 15-30 minutes maximum. The questions I would be asking are listed below. I would GREATLY appreciate anyone who would be willing to help this NP student :)))))


Also if someone is willing to just reply here with answers I could make that work as well. THANK YOU. 


How long have you been a CNS?  

What was your first job when starting your career?  

Why did you choose the CNS track?  

What do you see as some of the differences between NP and CNS

What are you working in currently?  

What does the staffing look like on a typical day?  

How do you feel about the level of autonomy as an CNS?  

What does your typical work day look like?  

What do you feel like is your main role throughout the day?  

What do you see as your greatest responsibility of the work day?  

Do you face any reimbursement issues in your current role?  

What certifications must you maintain?  

How much continuing education does the CNS position require?


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hildaj247 specializes in Emergency Medicine.

2 Posts; 28 Profile Views

.....anyone .....:))))

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WestCoastSunRN has 20 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CVICU, MICU, Burn ICU.

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I am not yet a practicing CNS but am studying to take my boards as a Acute Care CNS - Adult Gero.  I can answer your questions from that perspective, but not as an experienced CNS.  PM me if you'd like my response.

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