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RN School Work Load

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Hello all!

So I have to admit that I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I've read all kinds of threads about almost every topic imaginable here, and have found some very useful information. I've realized that many of the topics I've read about have caued a little anxiety on my part; however, I've also found that the anxiety has kept me on my toes and prepared me a little better for what was ahead of me.

I was accepted into an RN program that started earlier this month. I knew from reading prior threads that nursing school was no joke. I think no matter how much I prepared myself for the task at hand, I never could have been completely ready for what I was about to face!

There was no easing into the work load. We were expected to have the chapters read before the first day of class, which I did. If we hadn't looked over every available resource given to us, there would surely be a pop-quiz over the information! I love the challenge. Between school and nursing club and my two children and their activities, I'm on the go most of the time.

I'm just wishing the rest of my fellow nursing students the best of luck! I hope this year is awesome for you all!

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Thanks and good luck to you as well!

I must admit that I love the challenge too becuase whenever I complete a task I feel that much more accomplished (if that makes any sense, lol)!

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