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My girl friend is interested in relocating from the west to the east coast. We are particularly interested in the Philladelphia, Delaware, MD, DC, NY, NJ areas.

What are some of the nice hospitals with good working conditions in any of these areas?

What are the salary scales. She is an B. Sc (RN) with about 10 years of experience.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

(message cross-posted in each of the above geographic forums).

cheers, MN


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I have worked in both Philadelphia (The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) and NYC (New York Prebyterian Hospital) and although I made more in NYC I liked Philadelphia better. I liked Penn, I hated being in a union hospital in NYC. Even though Philly is pretty expensive, it is nothing compared to the cost of living in NYC. Even though my salary was higher, i did not save any money.

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I've only vacationed at a few eastcoast places, so I don't know anything about hospitals there that are good to work at or not. I just wanted to share that I think Rehobeth Beach in Delaware was a great place to visit, Rhode Island was a nice place I visited, and Ledyard Connecticut area was also nice. If I were to move to the eastcoast, It would be in one of those three places. :)

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