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Hello all,

I'm an RN that has about a year of experience in LTC and am looking to move back home to NYC. I'm currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program.

I'm aware of the tough job market there, however I don't doubt I'll get something in LTC or subacute. I'm just wondering if I were to move back and worked in LTC or subacute, would a transition to an acute setting be possible? I know it can be done in other cities, but I am not sure about a competitive place such as NYC.

I guess I'm just looking to hear success stories of others in NYC who have worked in LTC and moved on to acute care or ended up working in med surg.



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Job situation is difficult in NYC. I have a job at hospital for almost two years but I am looking to transition to another department that is more critical care-type and even with my experience it is difficult to get call back or hired. I feel as i will be stuck in this same specialty forever and I cannot advance to critical care. LTC may be easier for you to get hired esp since you have experience in it and LTCs.

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Thanks for the reply! Did you start out in acute care?

That seems to be the situation with some of my friends currently working in NYC. First it took most of them at least a year to find a job in an acute care setting. They have been in the same specialty and I have not heard of advancements for them yet, but we've all been nurses for only a couple of years.

Is the job situation the same out in Long Island? It would be ideal for me to work there, but I have more connections in NYC and figured I'd try my luck there first if I move back.