RN Refresher Proctored Exam


Hi Guys, Anyone out there used Proctored U for an exam? I'm in a RN refresher course. With Covid going on we were told we would take the final exam from home using a proctor who will gain access to our computer. Being old school, this will be new for me. It also would feel strange knowing someone is staring at you the whole time you are taking an exam. Silly, I know..... Anyway, anyone familiar with this service?

We've been using ProctorU in my program. It can be a pain to get it set up, but once you are doing the exam it isn't bad. I think the experience in the exam depends a little bit on what exam software your course uses as well. With the one we use, the exam goes to a full screen view with only the task bar visible at the bottom. The task bar has a chat window and that is the only reminder that someone is watching you.

I did a couple things to help with privacy concerns that you may want to try as well. The main thing I did was set up a new account on my laptop specifically for taking exams. That way it is separated from my regular account. It hasn't happened to me, but some of my classmates have said their proctors start clicking on random stuff and I'm just not OK with them getting into anything more than they need.

Happy to answer other questions about it if you have any.

Hi Kayj

Thanks for your response. When you say you set up a new account... what account are you referring to?  Wasn't sure if you mean your email account, my account with the university or with Proctor U.  Thanks!!

Lonnie, I mean a user account on your computer

OK, I understand now.  Thanks so much.  Its next Tuesday so I'm getting everything ready now! 🙂


Could u tell me please what Refresher  course CNO is asking to do.And how long will it take.

thank u

The course is through University of Delaware.  It runs around 5 months.