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RN or RDH?

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Which is harder based on school?

  1. 1. Which is harder based on school?

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      registered nursing scool
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      registered dental hygienist school

So I am currently enrolled in a nursing program with just 1 year left. My older sister is a registered dental hygienist for 2 years now. her and I have been on this ongoing debate about which is harder based on school. Which has the most work, which has the most paperwork ect. She believes that RDH is harder because you have to rely on a patient to show up to pass or not... I said that's the least of my worries in nursing school. I also told her she couldn't compare apples to oranges and that neither of us could debate about since we are both biased and never took both courses. So if there happens to be any rn to RDH or RDH to rns out there please help me, and please understand you can't be biased. Thank you!!

I am an RDH who is about to start a BSN program this fall, so I'm very interested in responses to this question. I do have to say that having to find and rely on your patients for clinic (AND FOR BOARDS

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