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RN program not Accredited by the NLNAC...should I do it?


Has anyone ever heard of or been to Global Health Nurse Training Services in Alexandria, VA? They offer the LPN program as well as the RN program. I took the entrance exam (TEAS) and passed and was accepted into the school. I originally was going for the LPN but then I decided I should just do the RN program instead since they offer it in 18-24 months.

The problem is...the LPN program is Accredited by the NLNAC but the RN program is not!

What should I do? Is it really bad to do a RN program that is not nationally accredited? Will it affect me later when I want to get into a RN to BSN program, etc.?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


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i had this question as well. the college who is interviewing me is accredited, but not specifically by the nlnac.

since your lpn program is accredited, i suggest you research other schools in your area and ask them if they will accept your transfer once you are an lpn. then you can go to that nlnac-accredited rn program for another year, and when you finish you will have a peace of mind.

not being accredited by the nlnac doesn't mean you are not a nurse or will not get jobs...however it is "preferred" as you will.

you can look thru my threads for more information on this. i am practically in the same situation.

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Thank you. Actually the school is accredited by the state but not by the NLNAC. I guess I'm more or less worried about the classes not getting transferred in another school for the BSN


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are you looking to get your bachelors in nursing or something else?

my goal is to become a registered nurse and then go on to earn my bachelors in biology.

for right now, i am emailing all prospective colleges and asking them if they will accept an associates from my college of interest. i am also asking other colleges, who have 2 year rn programs, if they will accept my lpn degree from this college, since it is not nlnac accredited.

it is, however, accredited by the state, etc. so that's a good thing.

i encourage you to email all of the colleges you are interested in, and ask them if they will accept a degree from your current college of interest. be very thorough, and explain the accreditation concern. that's what i am doing...just waiting on a few replies.

there is another thread within this forum where a lot of people say that it didn't matter at all that their program wasn't nlnac accredited. like i said, it's a good accreditation to have..but not necessary. many programs, like the one i am interested in, are very new and therefore haven't had the chance to be evaluated for that accreditation to begin with.

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