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Hi everyone! I am planning on moving to San Diego soon, and I am currently job hunting. I have done some research on glassdoor in regards to pay and benefits at Sharp, Scripps, and UCSD. I know UCSD is the highest paying hospital, but also the hardest to get into as well. Can anyone give me some insight on your experiences as an RN at Sharp and Scripps and which location? I am also interested in what the pay range is between the two so I have a ballpark of what to ask for. For reference, I have a total of 2 years of nursing, but currently 1 year in ICU (I am looking for a staff position). What are your thoughts on working at Sharp with them being unionized but offering lower pay than Scripps? Any insight would be much appreciated!! Thank you


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Hi Nurse Jo!

I have worked at Sharp and UCSD. PCU and ICU at Sharp, CVICU at UCSD. Before Sharps contract was ratified we were making less hourly than UCSD. After Sharps contract was ratified, my hourly is about $7 more than I was making at UCSD. The benefits at UCSD are miles ahead of Sharp but I do love the culture here at Sharp and don't see myself leaving in the next 5-10 years. Also, when 2023 hit pay scales have become public information on the career websites at Sharp. The University of California's pay scale is also public information. 

Hope this helps!


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To compare.

New Grad RN at Sharp starts at $52.56.

Clinical Nurse at UCSD (New Grad Equivalent) starts at $54.91.

Sharps new Union contract really attempted at retaining experience hence why RN's with 5+ years of experience make a little more at Sharp than UCSD. Again, the actual UC pay scale is searchable and it is under the NX bargaining union and Sharp only gives pay ranges. Hope this helps!!


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I actually went with Scripps since I received an offer there. I'm not great at negotiations, but after doing a lot of research in what the pay range is in that are, I feel like they actually offered a good and reasonable pay for my experience LOL.