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2014 RN pay in panama city, FL

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hey everyone. Im looking to get to panama city and wanted to know if someone can tell me what the take home pay after taxes (cash in my pocket) would be weekly/biweekly as a FT RN in Gulf coast/Bay medical. i want to relocate and need to know if i can afford to do so. Thanks


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Obviously experience and degree level factors in, but generally pay is in the low to mid $20's/ hr. As a brand new grad at BMC I started out at just under $20/hr. I usually got my full 3 days per week on the general medical floor, and when I worked in one of the ICU units usually I did get my full 3 days with the occasional destaffed day. Federal taxes are still taken out but FL has no state income tax. Panama City's housing cost is a little on the high side compared to other places. I am biased being a former BMC employee, but I thing you would have more opportunity at Bay vs GCMC. Bay is a much larger hospital with many more units and offers more services. I hope you really like the area! I miss it!

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It really depends on experience, like FLICURN said. As a new grad I made just under $20/hr. With 4 years experience and a weekend contract I'm up to just under $30/hr. You may be able to get shift differential if you are willing to work weekends and/or nights. Rent is about $1000 a month or more for a small house, if you live on the beach it will be more, possibly $3000+. My mortgage payments are under $700/month for my house. If I work my 3 12 hour shifts and no extra, I pocket $750/week after federal withholding, Medicare, SS, my contribution to my health insurance plan, my 401k contributions and money spent in the hospital cafeteria ($1000/year for me). I usually get about $1800 back with my refund, and I also get about 200 hours of PTO per year I can cash in for 90% of my base rate (minus about 25% deducted for taxes). I also take advantage of $3500 per year for educational reimbursement. I made about 56k last year before taxes, including all my educational reimbursement. I also get a few perks, like 22% off my phone bill, and all the CEs I need for free. There is also lots of opportunities to pick up extra shifts, if you want to.

I would be careful about Bay Medical. I'm not sure how long ago FLICURN worked there, but they are going through a lot of changes, and a lot of people have left. Some floors are almost completely comprised of new grads.

If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them.

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If u don't mind me asking ..... How much are u putting in 401k..... Weekly? I'm just worried I won't be able to pay my bills and would like to know how much more I can make a week from 750. Thanks for all the info