(RN) Pasadena City College!!!


Anyone accepted to PCC's RN PROGRAM as an ALTERNATE?

It seems like I cannot find anyone who is talking about Pasadena City College or their nursing program... I want to know who all has applied and been accepted either in general or as an alternate, like myself. The email indicating that I am accepted as an alternate (in the event that an accepted candidate chooses to decline their position as a student in the program, I may be notified for their seat) came weeks ago in October. It said I will be eligible for the alternate status until January 13th, 2015. I am anxious and eager to find out whether or not someone will drop out of their seat in the program so I can hop in! :woot: Ha ha. Anyways, is there anyone who has been in this program or is currently enrolled - how is it? What is there to look forward to regarding the classes, teachers, clinicals, sites, etc? Thanks soo much!!!




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Hey Emily,

I'm on the same boat... ALTERNATE list :no: lets hope some people give up their seats haha.


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I'm new to this thread, I received the acceptance e-mail on Thursday November 12, 2014. I'm very grateful that 3/4 schools accepted me; however, I'm only considering LA County and Pasadena City College. I need help to make a decision which school to go to as soon as possible so I can finish all the requirement in time. I understand that LA County offers the best Clinical practice and also a very reputable Nursing school in general. However, Pasadena City college offers Full scholarship which I am eligible, this means I would not have to pay for the tuition fee at all. I also attended the orientation of PCC and I have to say that the program seems REALLY good and cares a lot of their students. The pre registration for LA county is on November 21st. So hopefully after the pre registration at LA county, I will be able to compare and clearly decide from there. any advice for me?

Thank you,

Bryan Go