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RN in one year wants to work at CCF.... Many questions!

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I am an LPN right now and I will graduate with my RN degree next month from Kent State East Liverpool. I want to move to the Cleveland area and get hired at the Cleveland Clinic. Anybody know anything about such things as starting pay for a new grad, sign on bonus, and safe areas up there to live in. I am excited to move. Can't wait to get out of the youngstown area.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!:balloons:

Are you talking about working at main campus? (with regards as to where to live)...

Also, as a side note.....I'm trying to get into the KSU regional program to get my RN as well...any thoughts on their program and how difficult admission is would be greatly appreciated!!

Go to the CCF website and search the nursing links section. It has some real good info as to tuition reimbursement and such. If I recall a new grad will be in the $23 per hr.range. That's not concrete....I remember reading it somewhere.

My wife worked in the rad-onc unit for a few years there and we went nuts looking for housing. Make a list of what's important and go from there. We lived in Broadview Heights and it was great. Not too busy..close to everything...freeway access (25 minutes to CCF main campus). No crime,great schools. Wait.........why did I move back to Youngstown??? :)

How is the drive to the E liverpool campus from Y-Town? I'm considering that or the Geauga branch in Twinsburg. Both are about 50 miles one way.

I second broadview heights : ) I have family that lives there and it's a great area. For the most part any of the suburbs that are about 30 minutes away will be nice. Just stay out of East Cleveland! We also have friends who live right down town on E. 9 and love that as well, although I personally couldn't live in the city ;)

I too am thinking about Kent at Twinsburg although the accelerated BSN will take the same time and I live really close to main campus...but I'd have to do my prereqs first and I won't necessarily have to if I go the ADN route.

OH, and I have friend who graduated from Huron nursing and started right at CCF and she said that she gets 10K tuition reimbursement if she's there for 2 years full time. Also, I believe she makes $23-24/hr.


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Sorry it took me so long to respond to you guys. East Liverpool, Ashtabula and Tusc are the only campuses that offer the ADN. Geauga and Trumbull offer the BSN. (As far as a I know) Driving to East Liverpool was not bad at all. It is a straight shot down route 11 and whenever you get to East Liverpool you take the second exit.. Turn left and you are there. So it is really easy to find. It takes me about 35 minutes to get there from the northside of ytown. I go usually about 80 mph. I know that I need to slow down.

I heard that Cleveland Heights is a good area to live. I think that I kinda wanna live pretty close to the main campus but not in the scary parts. I will graduate next year... I cannot wait for this to be over with!!!! :balloons:

Kent Geauga (at Twinsburg) now offers the ADN program, I think they've only had one class come through so far so it's pretty new. I was wrong though...they don't require the prereqs but said no one gets in w/o them (that seems kinda silly - why not just say they're prereqs then??) So at this point I'm probably looking more closely at the accelerated BSN program anyways. Also, it starts every semester whereas the ADN programs only start in the fall (except Ash.) but that's way too far!


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I am interesting in relocating to Cleveland as well but isn,t 23-24/hr sound low for RN?

What,s the cost of living like?

How much on an average is house renting?

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That is the average starting pay for the Cleveland area. Housing costs depend on the area you are looking at.

I am interesting in relocating to Cleveland as well but isn,t 23-24/hr sound low for RN?

What,s the cost of living like?

How much on an average is house renting?

From what I've read about starting salaries for new RNs across the country, it seems to me that $23-24 is actually slightly above average (some exceptions being NYC and areas of CA) - I've mostly seen $20-$21/hr.... I'm sure that those numbers didn't include shift/weekend diffs. Not sure what the Clinic offers in that way, though.

I would say that cost of living in the Cleveland area is about average, maybe even slightly below.

One of our friends in nearby Mentor (east suburb about 25 minutes from CCF main campus) recently sold their 2000 Square foot home (with a beautiful yard & pool, good schools, close to EVERYTHING) for $175,000. A friend of mine who recently moved to Chicago said she and her husband paid over $600,000 for their current home, which they estimate would have cost about $300,000 here. I hear similar stories from friends/colleagues who have moved to D.C. and Ft. Lauderdale.

I'd say a decent 2br apt in this area runs about $900/mo or so. Not sure about rental homes, but like one previous poster said, it all depends where you want to live. You could definitely spend less, and you can definitely spend more!

For the best deals, I'd check out the college towns - University Heights, for example. Close to down town, relatively safe, and reasonably priced. Reasonably priced housing also abounds in Lakewood (western suburb just minutes from downtown).


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I am sorry i should be more specific Cleveland Clinic Health System is what i am interesting in.I commented on the salary because I had an offer for another state for $28.50.Interviewed last week and opt to be flexible so i just waant to compare the salary and the cost of living and see what,s best for my 10yrs old son and myself

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