RN nurses willing to be interviewed for class project?


Hey everyone,

im belle and i go to HCC to become a RN. I have an assignment that requires for me to interview a RN. I had a few that were willing to be interviewed but that fell thru due to scheduling and they are busy.

Is there anyone that is willing to be interviewed as a class project for me? please?

the questions are typical, like how long it took for you to be where you are, what kind of person would be good for this job, how much u make ( i dont want to ask that but its required).

Any takers? i would totally be appreciative!




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Sure, why not? I'm not working at present but we could put the answers from my last job. Am out here in W TX, could you send a questionnaire or would you like to call me? Also, I have Skype so we might be able to do it that way. PM me for further ideas.:idea:


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Hi, I've been nursing since '86 and still going strong (lol). I have no problems helping you with your project. I am new to this forum so let me know what works best for you


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