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RN with a non-nursing bachelors wants to become a CNM

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I want to complete a CNM program, preferrably a masters degree program, and I have a previous bachelors degree (in psychology--a bachelor of arts) and 2 years experience as an RN. I keep reviewing all the programs on the ACNM website but the information is not clear. What are my chances of getting into a masters degree program without a BSN? I can do the BSN if I need to, but it would be another year and a half and a few thousand dollars more. I'd love to save myself the time and money and go directly to the CNM program (after a couple of prereq's I'm sure).

Help me, anyone out there who has gone to a CNM program as a BA or BS in non-nursing, or anyone who knows someone who has. Thanks so much:)

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you could apply to : yale, baystate medical center, umdnj at the very least. all require an rn and a bachelors degree. columbia is phasing out their accelerated program for individuals with an rn already (not the etp program).

my thought: go through the list- making an excel chart could be very helpful- cancel all the ones that state you need a bsn and call/email the others that interest you. it IS very confusing and information can change from year to year- go straight to the source once you have come up with a list of possibilities- and study for thoses wonderful GREs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is time consuming however it will be well worth the effort you put in!

also, check the requirements for midwifery in the state you wish to practice in. there are some which require a bsn prior to your cnm degree.

hope this is helpful. a few years ago i was trying to decide whether i should go for a rn-cnm or bsn- cnm (non nurse) and elected for the bsn-cnm program. very happy that i did!!

good luck

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Thanks so much for your suggestions! I am trying to do as much research as possible, but an Excel spreadsheet would help me organize the info.

A BSN-CNM program might not be so bad, so I will consider that option. I just want to get to the CNM with the skills and education I need, but not waste time if I don't have to. Thanks, again. I'm off to start a spreadsheet...

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