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Hi I just got a full time NOC position in a short term rehab facility.as an LVN...just wondering:

Does California state law mandate that an RN must always be on duty or can an LVN hold down the NOC shift??

Im wondering about the validity/longevity of.the.position

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Hello there, and welcome to Allnurses!!

Not living in California, I can't really answer your question, although where I live, an RN has to be in the facility only 8 hours/day; the rest of the nurses scheduled can be LPNs (LVNs in your neck of the woods). Hopefully some CA nurses will come along here and answer your question accurately. In the meantime, please take a look around the site and see what's out there for you---this is a big site with lots to offer. Enjoy!


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I don't know about California, but in Texas the LVN/LPN just has to be able to reach an on call RN over the telephone if necessary.


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Thanks for the responses :)

I've been wanting this shift for awhile but kept being told I had to be an RN. For whatever reason they all quit after a few months or even weeks...lol

They would call me in to fill in, but not on a permanent basis. Finally they gave it to me kast week after almost a year of asking. Just hoping it's a permanent thing and not something that a state law can take away