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Hi! I'm a 15 year deep level IV NICU RN, I currently still am a AD nurse. I'm at the place in my career that I'd like to head to the NNP route. Does anyone know if there are any RN to NNP bridge programs? It would be more efficient than doing my BSN then applying to an NNP or DNP program. Thanks!

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A bridge will likely take the same amount of time overall, maybe 1 semester less. It will however probably cost significantly more. You can get your BSN for about $10k or less these days. Then all NNP programs will be open to you instead of the handful of vulture schools that will take you to bridge. 

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Agree with above. But I would also say that if you find a local program that is reasonably priced, you could potentially meet with a program director and maybe get a direct admission to the NNP program with the added requirement to complete coursework leading to a BSN alongside the pre-clinical courses. I think with your strong NICU experience, program directors would not hesitate to do that for you,

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