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RN New Grad Programs in GA?


Hello all.

I am relocating from CA to GA with a BSN degree this fall. I'm looking for new grad programs in GA and all I could find is Piedmont Hospital. Are there other hospitals that have these programs? Thank you =)


Not sure about other areas but just about all of the Atlanta hospitals have residency programs! Emory, Northside, Grady, Piedmont, etc. I just graduated in December and am working as a nurse resident at Emory University Hospital. I think most hospitals these days have these programs.

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Are you moving to a specific area of Georgia?


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South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta has an outstanding ICU residency program, if you are interested in critical care. As far as MedSurg, they would definitely love to have you, no new grad program needed. There are a lot of places in Georgia outside of Atlanta with very affordable cost-of-living, great neighborhoods, and easy commutes!

Thank you for the tips everyone. Sorry for the late reply. I'm going to be living in Stockbridge. I checked out the location of the South Georgia Valdosta hospital and it is too far a drive. But thank you for that recommendation.


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I completely understand. I simply meant there are a lot of places with competitive pay based on lower costs-of-living besides Atlanta that often get overlooked. You definitely can't commute to Valdosta from Stockbridge! Best of luck to you!

Do you know of any MedSurg or ICU programs around Atlanta? Those are the two units that are actually in my top three. None of my cohort enjoy MedSurg haha.