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Hi all! I just went to Wilmington NC for a few days to see if I liked the area. I loved it! I am looking to move from Maryland to Wilmington by next July. I am currently a clin 2 RN in labor and Delivery. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on when I should start applying for jobs, and when I should start looking at houses. I am planning on buying. My lease is up in July, but I will not have all of my down payment money until February. Any suggestions? Also I'm looking for suggestions on areas to look in for housing. It can't be much worse then living in Baltimore, but I do understand there are some bad areas. Thanks!

Are you dead set on L&D or will you consider other area's? Pretty much just 1 place to work in Wilmington and that is NHRMC. Brunswick (Novant) do have L&D but it is very small hospital and hire way less people. I ask about other specialties because from what I have heard it is not super easy to get in to L&D. I would start applying early and be willing to move if you get a position, NHRMC hire about 100 new grads a year and they start in mid July so I am not sure how active they are in seeking other nurses at that time of year. As for where to live, that is tough. You can ask 4 different people and get 4 different answers. Some will say Leland some will say go completely opposite and go to Hampstead, others want to be at the beach (Carolina or Wrightsville) and others love the older historic feel of downtown. You might consider renting initially ad then finding your way around the city and giving yourself time to check out the various places. If you don't mind me asking. What was it during your visit that attracts you to Wilmington?

I wouldn't work anywhere but L&D. I was thinking that they would rather take a L&D nurse with 2 years experience over a new grad? I am so over renting there's no way I can do it. I really want to own my own house. I drove around allot while I was there scoping out neighborhoods and overall everything seems nice. Honestly the beach got me initially interested and I knew I wanted to move somewhere south without taking a huge pay cut, wilmington knocks me down $6 from my base pay in Baltimore. After visiting the area I like older looking charm of some areas and I especially liked that the area wasn't built up with hotels!

Good that you are already aware of the pay cut you would take. NC does not lead the way in paying RN's and Southeast NC does not lead the way in NC in paying RN's.

Consideration when looking for a house is if you will be within Wilmington city limits? In my opinion, the cost of living here is very high. I come from midtown Atlanta and my cost of living there was cheaper than in Wilmington. Within the city of Wilmington you will have very high property tax and utilities do not come cheap. That is why some people prefer Leland in Brunswick county.

Good luck with the relocation.

The cost of living is so much cheaper then in Maryland. I have 30k for a down payment and I pay over $1500 for rent here no utilities. Looking at houses and the estimated mortgage payment it be cheaper then what I pay now! I definitely don't want to live any further then a 30 minute drive from work. I'm just looking for a 2-3 bedroom house. Nothing big as I live alone and am living alone. I found some decent ones on Zillow for under 200k .

Hi Amberpohlhaus! I live in south NJ, in my last yr of an ADN program and also looking to move to Wilmington area after NCLEX..although I am looking about 30min south in oak island/southport. I vacationed in Wilmington in my late teens on a whim and fell in love. I've been back a couple of times to Wilmington, Southport/Oak Island and Sunset beach and the surrounding beaches. I love them all. I have always planned on moving there when I got my sh*t together, which at 32 is finally happening haha. I am interested in L&D but feel like that's more part of my 5yr plan rather than as a new grad. I feel like I need more experience before jumping into that. Did you start in L&D as a new grad? Do you love it? Challenges? Looking forward to following this to see how you make out!!

What area did you end up picking to live in? Wanting to move to that area also.

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