RN/LVN at Riverside or San Bernardino CC


My wife and I are wondering how hard to get in as a pre-nursing transfer student from another CC, how tough the RN programs or LVN they are?

My wife had failed her first RN program 1st semester at Rio Hondo by one pretty unreasonable tough instructor. So now she is trying to find a different school for RN or maybe even LVN to shorten the time or rather waiting time.

Her core GPA is not great (C average) but overall GPA is good(As and Bs).

A couple of things to consider. Money... if you want a degree from a school that offers remediation (review classess when your grades are not so great) look into a private school. They are NOT inexpensive but many have this option. Western University BSN program is near you (Pomona). WestCoast in LA is another.

No Money ... Plan A go to the BRN website and go through that list of CC's. All schools are impacted in So Cal. Last i heard Sb 2 years. BE PERSISTENT. Call ,write, go in and seek out the info you need. Some people get in just because they are so pesky the nursing office wants them to leave them alone. Beg the Dean ( I swear there are students who get in this way)

Plan B LVN programs are offered by many adult schools, but they often have a pretest.

Honey, your wife should review what's up in those core classes. Scientific approach is very essential to nursing. If test taking is a problem, then she should take a test taking review course at the RHC library. Sometimes it's English, which means using the English lab. If it's stress and life then maybe you need to come up with some solutions. Many students fail out because they work too many hours or cannot find a babysitter, etc.

Good Luck.

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