RN looking for sponsorship!


Hello everyone....I'm a U.S educated RN...that's about to get the BSN in 4 mths.I need sponsorship for employment in NY or anyplace else.....maybe somewhere where there's a severe shortage of RNs. I just want to increase the odds of getting sponsored.If anyone has some info...it would be appreciated. Its especially important because I'm a new mom. Thank you.


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I don't wanna crush your hopes, but it's gonna be very hard to find. And as far as the actual immigrant visa... that might not even be possible... I'll elaborate on that when I have more time, do some reading on the international section of the forum or do a search with "sponsorship" or "US-educated foreign RN". There is a lot of posts, ppl wondering about the same thing, and this situation has been going on for a few years now.


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Thanks for the advice sasi....I keep hearing that but I continue to hope and do research to stumble upon some good news....you never know....