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RN looking for a job in the U.S.A

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I am a 23 years old male RN graduated this year and working in the american university in lebanon, at the I.C.U department.

What I want is some one who can help me to find work in the U.S.A.:kiss

try specific hospitals in the area you want to work in.

contact the board of nursing in the state you want to work in for information on becoming licensed in that state (contacting could be as simple as visiting the website). i would start in states that have the greatest need (nursing shortage).

i found most of my past jobs by going to the website of the place i've wanted to work at and applying directly to the organization. my current job i found via a newspaper classified ad.

the internet is great in that it makes our world THAT much smaller. good luck! i'm in the process of relocating to Canada and I'm currently searching for jobs. it is tough, not having a license (yet) and searching for jobs and doing everything else from a totally different country. but i'll just have to be patient!

I took the liberty of moving this to the International Forum where you will find the advice that you are looking for. Working in the US is quite different for foreign nurses, as they also need to go thru the immigration process before being able to begin work here.

Please check out the stickies at the top of this forum for quite a bit of information that you will find helpful to you.

Hope that this helps get you started.:wink2:

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