2011 RN Grad - Minnesota Fellowships? [OR would be great]

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Hey all~

I'll be graduating (God willing) in May of 2011 as an RN. It's been a LONG road - switched majors several times before landing on nursing and worked full time throughout school. After all of the random wandering through life, I'm ready to actually start building a career. And after the chance to observe open heart surgery (most amazing thing EVER!) I'd really like a chance to train in an OR setting. I know there are fellowship opportunities out there; I'm just having a difficult time locating them out of my small circle.

I live in northern Virginia, and I want to move back to Minnesota. I am currently employed in a local ER full time as a tech, I love my job and know that I'll get good references. My grades, honestly, are not the most beautiful ever, but they're all well above passing (with the exception of Maternal/OB....that class killed me and I still don't know why, but I passed)

Does anybody have suggestions, leads, tips, super secret passwords to share? I would greatly appreciate any and all insights :)


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Thanks for being an ER tech. I love you guys! :D

I'd start by making a list of possible hospitals, then ferreting out recruiter information and establishing contact. It might be early, but in this employment climate, I'd say it's NEVER too early!

You should start the Job Search EARLY. Trust me I waited until AFTER I graduated since everyone made it sound sooo easy to get a Nursing job. I would say january or feb 2011 would be early enough but, maybe you can get in contact with people now and get some leads. Also, as far as your grades, as long as you pass that's all that matters. Our instructors always said C=Degree

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Thanks, guys! :) I've already sent out a couple feelers to the Mayo Clinic/Health System...they all say "watch the website and maybe volunteer" Kinda difficult to do that last part from 1300 miles away :p But I'll keep looking. If anyone knows of a program they're willing to put me in contact with, I'd really appreciate it!

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Also, as far as your grades, as long as you pass that's all that matters. Our instructors always said C=Degree

I've always heard things along those lines as well ... "C = RN" ... but some places are now setting GPA requirements for the new grads they hire, as a way of weeding out some applicants. It's a weird job market out there.

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I've managed to keep the GPA above the 3.0 mark - and I'm hoping that these two final semesters will help drag it a little higher....while also depending on my work history (1.5 years working psych, 1.5 years working ER, 5 years volunteering with a rescue squad) will vouch for my worth as an employee. Wishful thinking?

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Not at all wishful. :) I think the minimum GPA was something like 3.2 wherever it was, but it's not every place doing the GPA dance -- someone posted about it on this forum a couple months back. Florida, perhaps? Don't remember. Your EMS experience should be helpful/stand-out-ish on a resume, too. You're positioning yourself well!

Edited to add: found the thread! 3.25 GPA required for new grad position???!! - Nursing for Nurses

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