RN experience before becoming pediatric nurse practitioner?


Hi all. I'm planning on applying for school next fall to become a pediatric NP. My hope is to work in a private practice. I have been working one year in home care with experience working with children with trachs, vents, g tubes, central lines, etc. I also am a substitute school nurse and have worked as a camp nurse this summer as well. I'm wondering if it would be beneficial for me to try to get some experience in a pediatric hospital as an RN? Or would it be better for me to apply for work in dr's offices since I hope to work in one once I graduate. Thanks for any help!!


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I am a PNP and it sounds like the cases you manage in home health are pretty high acuity. I do not think you necessarily NEED hospital experience but it may be beneficial to you. You could also try and find a hospital that would reimburse you for you grad school. Good Luck!


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I think you are fine and will do great! Go for it!

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I'm working on my primary PNP. I wouldn't worry about changing jobs now. I'm an L&D nurse and sub school nurse.

Here's the deal...say you get a position in private practice and want to do clinicals there. Well, my school wouldn't let you! So one place off the table for clinicals.

You'll be fine with what you have.