RN employment near Richmond Hill, GA


We are looking at relocating to Richmond Hill, GA. I assume most RN jobs are in Savannah.

I am a PCU/TELE RN with 7 years experience including Charge nurse experience.

A few questions

I see there are 3 main hospitals in Savannah. How would you rank these as places of employment?

What kind of wage can I expect to make?

Finally, for anyone who has worked on the west coast as well as Georgia, how different is the culture of nursing and the work environment in Georgia as compared to the west coast?

I Have worked both in Hawaii and Washington state.

Thanks for any information you all can provide.

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I don't know about the other hospitals but Memorial's float pool pays $40/hr for med-surg. Not sure if there's an increase for the units.


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Thank you for responding. I have been waiting some time for a response. It is good to hear that RN pay in Savannah is decent (better than I was expecting), at least at Memorial. Do you like working there? Do you like living in the area?

Specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health. Has 37 years experience.

I don't live in the area, but given the chance, I would choose Richmond Hill or Pooler. Savannah is so congested and it gets worse during the many events that they have there....too much of a country gal for that. The areas surrounding Savannah are nice and I hear that the surrounding islands would be more ideal places to call home than Savannah itself. But there is loads to do during free time. I absolutely love the flexibility of the position there. But, being the teaching facility that it is, be prepared to see any and EVERYTHING there, including the cases that no other facilities will touch.

By by the way, full time pay doesn't come close to the float pay (which, as you probably already know, offers no benefits).