RN with Domestic Violence charge dismissed (assault/misdemeanor), would my opportunities for work be stunted?

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I have a father that is financially abusive towards me, ever since graduating, the bills have all become my responsibility. My father has mental health disorders and gambling addiction. Father asked me for my savings (10k), I denied giving the money over. Father called police on me without my knowledge and lied on me. Father subsequently went to precinct multiple times (also without my knowledge) to retract the statements. Father has schizo-affective disorder/anxiety and was not taking anxiety medication when the complaint was made. Police have decided to follow up on complaint and made me out to be the villain. Lawyer has ensured me that because of:

1. Fathers psychiatric condition

2. Fathers admittance of lying about allegations

that the case will be dismissed and I can petition to have it sealed.

My question going forward is -- will I be employable?

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What I do know for sure is, a sealed or expunged record does not always wipe the slate clean. Some employers especially healthcare will ask you if you have a sealed or expunged record. This is disheartening because it prevents you from moving on with your life. No matter what, if you were fingerprinted you have a charge on your record. The BON (Board of Nursing) in Florida is governed by an agency called AHCA (The Agency for Health Care Administration). The BON and AHCA are usually forgiving especially, for charges that are twenty years old. However, in Florida an organization such as DCF (Department of Children and Families) will hold you to a higher standard no matter how old the charge. You can apply for what they call an Exemption. You will have to disclose sealed and expunged records. DCA will prevent you from working in many Health Care facilities in Florida especially, with an assault charge guilty or not. I would recommend to any nurse with a criminal record to find out from the state of interest what organization(s) besides the BON can impair your practice.

Good luck to all.