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RN with coding certification


I am a RN-BSN with 12 years experience in multiple fields. I am currently managing a medical office and have some exposure to the billing/coding. I have 2 young children and my job is nearly an hour away. We live in a rural area so I have been looking at remote jobs but it seems most are call center type jobs or something with coding/auditing medical records requiring certifications and experience. My main question is what certification would be best and where to get it? I see so many programs, does any program truly have a better reputation? I was hoping I might hear from some nurses who successfully acquired a remote position. I have a background in urgent care, primary care, nephrology, transplants and dermatology. I am weird and actually enjoy paperwork and some of the more tedious tasks with charting that most people hate. I had a job auditing charts for MC supplementary insurance right out of nursing school but at the time I felt I needed to work on my nursing skills more so it was brief and I don't know how many ICD-?? ago ������

featherzRN, MSN

Specializes in Outpatient/Clinic, ClinDoc. Has 30 years experience.

If you are looking into remote coding, seems most inpatient employers prefer the CCS credential through AHIMA. That said, from what I hear it's difficult to get a job without experience and the CCS requires experience to take it.

I work remotely, but I am a clinical documentation specialist. If you could find a place that would train, that's a thought - however, you'll probably have to put in a few years on-site, get certified, and then apply for remote positions.

I know there are CM/QA type positions through insurance companies that hire remote?