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I'm a little confused, is this a coordinator position or a clinic working for doctor position. I tried to do some research before my interview Friday, and coordinator keeps coming up. Any help would be appreciated!!

Here is the job description


General Description:

Under general supervision, provides nursing care.

Essential Function/Duties:

Using a standard data collection tool, obtains patient's medical history through the interview process. Obtains vital signs and brief history of chief complaint. Works with the patient and the family to develop a prioritized patient problem list and helps develop plan for care. Maintains ongoing monitoring and assessment of assigned patients. Admits, discharges and transfers patients. Administers medications. Performs treatments and procedures as directed by physician. Notes and carries out physician and nursing orders. Takes emergency action as required. Reports symptoms and significant changes in patient's condition to appropriate personnel. Ensures that the patient/family educational needs are met. Evaluates the patient/family response to care and makes appropriate adjustments as needed. Uses available information to evaluate patient/family progress toward goal attainment. Will perform duties unique to the assigned Unit.


Minimum Qualifications:

*Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.

*Experience: One (1) year of relevant experience.

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Looks pretty standard for a staff nurse position. I don't see anything resembling a "coordinator" designation.