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Hi everyone! I need some advise with regards to career change. I've been a nurse since 2004, and I started as a pediatric nurse in a long term care facility for children. As a staff nurse in that facility we handle kids with trachs, vent, ngt, gt, on cpap/bipap, TPN, picc lines. And presently I worked as a homecare nurse(peds). I want to have a career shift, gearing towards med-surg.

I had previous interview before and they kept on asking if I have acute care experience, which I don't. My question is how can I put myself on the door and tell them that I am not a new grad, though I don't have acute care experience.

Any advise on writing my resume.


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Well you don't have 'acute care', but the experience you do have should not be discounted either! Wow..kids are tough pt's. They can't explain themselves and you have to have, IMO, much better assessment skills.

I would play up the skills you do have which is more then some nurses on a med/sug floor get exposed to.

You have worked long term, and we all know that is a busy place to be. How many kids did you manage at once?

Interpersonal skills. Heck, not only the kids, but the parents!

Does the hospitals you are applying for take peds? If they do, you could be an educator on pediatric care.

I think you could be potentially very valuable as a med/surg nurse.

We recently hired a NICU nurse for our floor. The only problem she had was the amount of people she had to take care of. She had 5 pts whereas in a NICU she said she would have 2 babies, lol..

Otherwise, there is very little difference and her assessment skills are very good.

thank you tokmom for the encouragement. Where I used to work we sometimes take care of 7-9 pts. It's just sometimes hard for me to get into first base (hospital). They are looking if i have acute care experience, which I am seeking right now.

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Have you gone to the manager and handed then your resume?

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