RN to BSN vs MSN, Chamberlain or Ohio University?

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I am an ADN nurse who is looking to further my education. I think that down the line I would like to be a nurse educator in a hospital, but have only been a nurse just about a year, so I am not 100% sure.

I am torn between getting a BSN now through Ohio University (very affordable). Or just going ahead and getting a BSN and MSN together from Chamberlain (very convenient).

Can someone help me with pros and cons? My biggest fear is that I will spend $30-$40k on a Masters degree and then not make enough money to pay back the loans, or not be able to find a job as an educator in a hospital.

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Other affordable online nursing programs include Fort Hays State University ($182 per credit), University of Louisiana at Lafayette ($290 per credit), University of Texas at Arlington ($257 per credit) and (flat rate of $3250 per six month term).

With all the affordable options out there for online nursing degrees, I personally would not accrue $30,000+ in added student loan debt for the sake of convenience. There are multiple convenient programs for less than $10,000 total. I am enrolled in 's online program and can pay for it with cash as I go.

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