Hello everyone, i have a bachelor's degree in microbiology from an international university but i have always had a passion for nursing. Now i want to follow that dream of mine and would like to study nursing in the USA. I heard i will need to do some prerequisites, take HESI A2 or just an assessment test. Kindly please put me through and also i would love to go to a school in Albuquerque. Thank you all

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First, let's clarify the difference between RN and BSN. BSN is a degree granted by an institution of higher learning. So is an ADN or nursing diploma. RN is a licensure, granted by the state in which one applies. There is only 1 RN license, but multiple educational paths to get the license.

Second, there are resources to locate schools in AZ: start with the BON website to find a list of approved schools. You can also look for accredited schools through searches available on the 2 national bodies that accredit nursing schools: ACEN and CCNE. From those lists, you can narrow it down to which schools are in your area. Then you can research individual programs.

I would also highly recommend researching the job market where you wish to work as some areas are seeing a high percentage of facilities requiring a BSN to even apply.


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Thank you so much Rose_Queen, is HESI A2 required in all nursing schools?